Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Country Throwdown

Friday¸ (brother) John and I went to the Country Throwdown at Walnut Creek. Starting about 2:30, there were 8 different bands performing. The headliners were Montgomery Gentry, and they put on a great show. It was plenty warm, although not miserable, for most of the concert. About 9:30, though, the temp started to drop. I’d been seeing lightening off in the distance for a while, and we could see where it looked like it was raining a good distance away. Shortly after 10, it started raining just a bit and the wind picked up. About 10:30, the skies opened up and dumped right on us. Montgomery Gentry finished shortly before 11, and John and I had to slog our way through some deep water to get to the vehicle. The parking lots were starting to flood, and at one point we were walking through water that was up to my ankles.

Upside – great concert, lots of fun. Downside – I now have a cold.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you have a cold....but I bet the concert was great...I like Montgomery Gentry...glad you did have fun!!!!! :)Love, Mom