Monday, June 14, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, Onyx was returned to the rescue by his potential adopters. They said it was because he was playing too rough with their cat (he was a two month old pup - of course he plays rough), but I think a lot of it was because they really didn't know what to expect from a puppy. So, the rescue contacted me and asked if I'd foster him again. Once I agreed, they also asked if I'd be willing to foster a second pup, as well. Another foster home had two, and were overwhelmed. That led to Topaz joining us.

This is Onyx, now almost 14 weeks old.

Onyx and Topaz. Topaz was definitely the more laid back of the two.

Not that you could tell that from this picture.... That was really perfect timing for the photo.

Onyx has decided that Duncan is his favorite playmate. So far, Duncan's handling it pretty well.

Topaz went to her new home early last week. I got an update today, and she's settling in just fine. With luck, Onyx will be adopted soon.


Anonymous said...

Cute pups....Duncan makes a good foster brother!!!! :)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

OMG...some more award winning photo - nice job. Onyx looks so precious in his picture. Put that on a website and he'll be adopted immediately. Mary B.

John Van said...

Nice shooting with the camera!