Monday, April 05, 2010


Just before bed last night, I discovered that my right ankle was swollen. It didn't hurt or itch (like a swollen bug bite), so I wasn't even sure I was seeing it right. I did a quick comparison with my left ankle, and yep, the right ankle was swollen. Since it wasn't sore, though, I went to bed not too concerned.

This morning is a bit of a different story. My ankle is still swollen, and now its also painful. I don't remember doing anything to it yesterday, like stepping funny or falling down, but it definitely hurts. I have a 3 hour shift at the kennel this morning and another 3 hours this evening (I really hate split shifts), and I'll be on my feet and running the whole time. I hope that doesn't make it worse. I really wish I knew what happened to it....

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Anonymous said...

Keep your ankle wrapped today, maybe, ......and I hope it gets better real soon!!!!! Poor baby!!!!

:( Love, Mom

Or maybe it's your evil side trying to get out and it got stuck in you ankle.....