Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lessons Learned

1 – Sleeping on my stomach is bad, because it forces my left foot to stay extended, which my foot apparently does not like.

2 – My left foot also does not like me using it for several hours. I may actually have to consider going to the doctor about whatever it was I did to it last Monday.

3 – Sunscreen is at least as important as bug spray on a sunny day, if not more so.


John Van said...

Lets see...
You could sleep on your stomach IF you let your feet hang off the end of the bed. I can't do that cause the cat thinks my foot is a toy.

They need to make a combination bug spray/sunscreen.

Anonymous said...

Let me see now.....
#1.....yep, that hurts
#2.....absolutely positively that one right

:)Love, Mom