Friday, April 09, 2010

Grumpy Test Subjects

You know, these may be called dog crates, but it doesn’t mean you can’t put something else in them.

I hooked the two crates together with zip ties, put in some towels, a small kitty condo, food, water, and a litter box, and turned them into Parm and Per’la’s new home. And boy, are they mad.

Per'la is hiding in the far left corner of the crates in this picture, and thats Parm in the right front.

And here Per'la's decided that the kitty condo is the safest place to be.

I’m testing my theory that Parm and Per’la are the only two cats engaging in the Unacceptable Behaviors. Parm has confirmed his part in the nastiness multiple times, including today. The only reason I caught him as easily as I did was because I startled him while he was Behaving Unacceptably on my bedroom floor. If, over the weekend, everyone still inside the house behaves as they should, then I’ll call my experiment a success. I don’t know yet what that means for Parm and Per’la’s future living arrangements, but we’ll figure that out later.


sudie said...

Wonderful and informative!

Anonymous said...

You think they're mad now....wait til you let them back into the house. I'm afraid you'll really have a bigger problem on your hands. Good Luck!! :)Love, Mom