Monday, April 12, 2010


Its official – Reyna has graduated from physical therapy! She still has exercises to do, of course, and a few restrictions until her check-up in mid-May (no chasing her basketball yet), but she no longer has to go to VetHab for therapy. She’s gained quite a bit of muscle mass in her hips and has increased her range of motion considerably. She’s also at a much healthier weight than she was before she started PT and she so obviously feels significantly better. I’m extremely pleased with how well she’s doing, and the rehab was definitely worth it, but I’m also very happy that I don’t have to pay for three sessions a week any longer.

Here’s Reyna with her rehab team, Ali, Corey and Jessica. She really likes all three of them, and I know that made her therapy a lot easier (for everyone).

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Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaaaa, Reyna!!!!!! Keep up the good work but now it's time to go easy on your mama!!! :)Love, Mom