Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Surprised Myself

This morning I did something totally out of character. I made scrambled eggs. I realize this doesn’t seem like a particularly big deal, but I haven’t willingly been around cooking eggs since I was old enough to make sure I could be somewhere else. I hate the stench of cooking eggs and I won’t eat eggs fixed any way other than hard boiled. So making scrambled eggs was a huge step forward for me. I’ve been getting eggs from Carolina Grown for several weeks now (and those fresh eggs are so much better than what you get from the grocery store), as I do like hard boiled eggs for breakfast and occasionally during the day as snacks. Mind you, I still won’t eat the yolk unless its deviled. I also give the pups each an egg with their breakfast every morning.

The last couple of days, though, I’ve been a bit blah about the hard boiled egg. I know scrambled eggs are fast and easy, which is very important to me when it comes to cooking (easy more so than fast, which is why I love rabbit from the crock pot). So today, I took that step. I scrambled an egg. I was not impressed with the taste of my first attempt (second, if you count the egg I accidentally threw on the floor when I got distracted and tried to do four things at once). I decided to make another attempt, but first I cooked some bacon (which I’ve been doing a lot lately – yum, pork) so that I could use the bacon grease to keep sticking to a minimum and add some flavor. I still wasn’t incredibly impressed with the taste, but they weren’t as bad as I remember. And the odor was tolerable – maybe something to do with using really fresh eggs? I can see this being a Spring and Fall thing – when I can have the windows open – because I wasn’t really thrilled with the lingering cooked egg odor. I’m open to suggestions for improving the scrambled eggs even more – especially if it tones down the odor.


Anonymous said...

I know you love bacon but you just about blew my mind by making scrambled eggs. You never liked them.....are you feeling I need to call a doctor or the men in white coats? Check out for ideas. You and Josh used to hide your scrambled eggs under the toaster!!!! :)Love, Mom

Janine said...

Thats not totally true - Josh hid his eggs under the toaster. I put mine in my napkin and threw them in the trash when you weren't looking.

Anonymous said...

Always knew you were smarter. You put yours where they would never be found!!! :)Love, Mom

Although, it did take me a while to catch on to Josh. :):)

John Van said...

Scramble the eggs in a bowl along with some milk. Add bacon bits, salt, pepper as desired. Cook until almost done and then add a slice of cheese, fold over (to contain the cheese), and remove from the pan. Allow 45 secs or so to melt the cheese.

Anonymous said...

John's way of cooking the eggs sound awesome! Good luck with you new skill :-)
Mary B.