Monday, March 29, 2010

Annoyingly Awake

The storm that took a while to make its way to my house had Reyna agitated for several hours last night. Unfortunately, those hours were while I was trying to sleep. Even more unfortunately, I had to get up at 5am for an early shift at the kennel. The storm finally landed on our house at 2:30am. Apparently, that’s all Reyna was waiting for because she promptly went to sleep. The cats, on the other paw…. Poor Duncan was so tired when we got up this morning that, after his initial potty run, he went back to sleep while I fixed his breakfast. A nap this afternoon would have been much enjoyed, but no such luck – the fellow that made Duncan’s cart came by to make some adjustments. And now, of course, its really too late to take a nap. I'm surprisingly alert right now, considering the lack of sleep, but I foresee an early bedtime in my future. And possibly sedatives in Reyna’s…

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:) :) :) Love, Mom