Friday, March 12, 2010


Reyna’s done physical therapy at VetHab for 5 weeks now. It looks to me as if she’s moving more easily, although I’m always a bit doubtful – is she really moving better, or am I seeing it just because I want to? The folks at VetHab think she’s moving better, and they should certainly know. She’s also finally gaining some weight and its great that she doesn’t look as bony (and abused, neglected and half-starved) as she has the last couple of months. In fact, between 2/26 and today, she’s gained 5 pounds and now weighs a much healthier 70 lbs. Normal weight for her is 75 lbs, but I’ll be happy if she puts on another 2-3; with her hips, it makes sense for her to be a little thin.

This week, Reyna’s had to work harder during PT – they lowered the water in the underwater treadmill to stifle level, so she’s been floating less and walking more. If all goes well (no major soreness or stiffness this weekend), they’ll start her on dry land therapy next week. After a few sessions of basic exercises, they’ll start the torsion exercises. Once they see that she’s handling those okay, they’ll send her home with a list of exercises. I need to get some cones and PVC pipes to make the required equipment, but that’s no problem. After she starts doing her PT at home, she’ll go in every couple of weeks for evaluations, and as she improves, they’ll drop that to every couple of months (unless there’s a problem, of course).

So, lets all keep our paws crossed that she has a good weekend and that the next couple of weeks go smoothly.

And since its nearly impossible for me to post a blog about one of the pups without pictures...

Here’s Reyna in the Jacuzzi. They use a sling to keep the dogs’ heads out of the water, but Reyna is tall enough that she can touch the bottom. At my suggestion, they put a life jacket on her to keep her calmer, since she loves to swim in her life jacket.

This clip is from today’s PT. Reyna doesn’t look too thrilled, but I think that’s because she wasn’t being fed venison while the video was taken.

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Anonymous said...

If the docs think she's doing better, then go on their word!!!! Reyna still looks so cute in her life jacket!!! :)Love, Mom

And, I'm glad Reyna is gaining weight!!!