Sunday, March 28, 2010

High Stepper

As part of Reyna’s rehab, she has to do a series of cavaletti exercises. These torsion exercises make her twist and pick up her legs, and she gets to (has to) wear her braces and bells.

Reyna likes to pretend that she’s a poor, abused pup when I put the braces on her legs. She’s remarkably tolerant of the procedure, though, and doesn’t even try to pull her feet away from me.

Reyna doesn’t particularly enjoy the exercises (no surprise there), but she’ll do them. The vet has her doing the exercises with the pipes in the top holes, which means she has to really work to pick her legs up far enough. Every now and then she tries to cheat a little bit, the stinker.

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Anonymous said...

A very agile young lady!!!! Way to go, Reyna!!!!! :)Love, Mom