Friday, September 12, 2008

YouTube Is Educational

Yesterday at Target, I happened to get in a check-out line with a cute guy in front of me and a kid working the register.

Kid: You want cash back?
Cute Guy: Yes, one $20 and four $5s, please.
Kid thinks about this.
Cute Guy: But you can give me more than that, if you want.
Kid stares at Cute Guy, then stares at the cash in his hands. Cute Guy and I grin at each other, waiting for Kid to figure it out.
Kid: Oh! Huh. I get it.
Kid hands cash to Cute Guy.
Cute Guy (to me): The Jedi Mind Control almost worked that time.
Me: You were so close.
Cute Guy leaves, Kid starts scanning my items.
Kid: Was he serious about the Jedi Mind Control?
Me: Excuse me?
Kid: Beause I’ve been learning about it on YouTube.
Me: Really?
Kid: Yeah. So, was he serious?
Me: No. If he was serious, we’d all be using it.
Kid: Oh.

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