Thursday, August 09, 2007

Too Much Stress Is Bad

Sometimes, I really hate traveling. I flew into DC Monday for a three-day corporate meeting. The conference was good, the hotel was nice, and I should be on a plane back to Raleigh right now. Instead, the airline cancelled my flight. And somehow, in the few minutes between the cancellation and me trying to reschedule, the two later flights to Raleigh were booked beyond stand-by capacity. Still not really sure how that happened. So, my options are to 1) rent a car and drive home, which would take about 7 hours with trying to get out of DC during rush hour, 2) fly to Atlanta and then to RDU, getting home sometime around midnight, or 3) stay here tonight and take the 7:25am flight in the morning, assuming its not delayed or cancelled. And, since they cancelled because of weather, the airline isn’t covering the hotel room. Thank goodness the company is paying for it... The worst part is that I had to call the PetHotel and make sure they had space to keep the pups one more night, since none of those options would get me home in time to pick them up tonight. I also had to make sure they had enough food to give the dogs dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. Normally, when they run out of food, the hotel just uses some of the food they keep on hand, which is fine for Duncan, but that just won’t work for Reyna. She’s three weeks into her ten week diet, and I really don’t want to start over if we don’t have to. Thankfully, I added more food to their bags than was necessary, as a “just in case” precaution. I’m going to call one more time and double-check, because I didn’t think I’d added enough to cover breakfast. If I didn’t, I'll ask Tim or Peggy to go into the house and get more food, and take it to the hotel. Of course, this is just one more reason why boarding a dog with “special needs” is bad...

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