Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh, The Drama

Duncan decided this weekend that it is finally time to blow his coat. He didn’t bother doing it in the spring, like normal dogs. No, he decided to wait until its just too stinking hot to carry all that fur. I tried explaining that, if he’d blown his coat in the spring like Reyna did, he wouldn’t be so hot now. I’m pretty sure he didn’t bother paying attention to me. So now there’s enough Duncan fur in my yard (due to a bath, a thorough brushing, and random scratching) to not only re-house all of the birds currently living here, but to provide new homes for all of their extended relatives.

On a slightly sadder note, Reyna learned today that she cannot make sharp turns while running. Because her back legs? They just don’t do that anymore. Instead, they give out and make her slide around that turn. The vet gave me a new pain killer, Gabapentin, to give her on top of her Rimadyl. It seems to help the pain some, but it isn’t putting the strength back in her legs. Fall should help with that, though, since we’ll be able to get out in the woods and do more walking when the weather cools off. We’ll just have to wear our orange vests a lot, so we can go out more than once a week during deer season. Of course, when winter comes, her hips will hurt from the cold, but we'll deal with that when it gets here.

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