Friday, February 11, 2011

More Baby Girl

Poor Reyna's just having a rough go lately. I'm glad the temps are warming up for the next couple of days because she's definitely having some hip trouble. Two incidents today certainly aren't helping. She was outside playing with her basketball this afternoon and she stepped wrong when she turned - her foot got stuck in position and didn't move with her like it should have. I actually heard her yelp, which is very unlike her. Not much later, she was inside chasing her tail and her foot got snagged on the television stand. Once again, her foot didn't move with the rest of her body and she yelped. She even cried a bit trying to get on the couch after dinner, it was such a struggle for her. I'd get her some steps for the couch and her chair if I thought she'd actually use them.

In other Reyna news, I was pleasantly surprised by her behavior this afternoon. I was putting away groceries when I heard the cats start yowling and growling in the back of the house. I figured they were snarking at each other (as they so often do), so I took my time getting back there. As I turned down the hall, I realized the baby gate was on the floor and Reyna wasn't with the other dogs. When I turned towards the bedroom, I saw what was going on. Reyna was sitting very quietly just at the bedroom door. Loki, Belle and Mikey were all growling at her from various locations, but she wasn't responding at all. She was just watching them. I was so pleased with her that I gave her lots of praise and a cookie for being such a good girl.

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Anonymous said...

OUCH!!!!! Reyna needs to take it easy.....course I'm sure you could tell her that and she'd know what you were saying and she'd do it!!
Guess she was just making sure the cats were still back there and ok!!! Did she say "just checking, Mom" ?
:)Love, Mom