Monday, February 07, 2011

Good News

Kodiak had his pediatric wellness exam Friday, and I'm pleased to report that he's a very healthy pup. Well, Doc actually said Kodiak was hideously sick and probably wouldn't survive the trip home and so I should really leave him there. But I'm pretty sure Doc just wanted to keep Kodiak. The pup does have two slightly discolored teeth, which could be enamel hypoplasia or the result of getting knocked in the face on his way out of the birth canal. Doc initially thought it was the enamel hypoplasia (which could mean bad things in the future), but he decided that since its only two teeth, it was more likely to be the knock in the face (definitely the preferred option). Kodiak was nervous about going in (all those doors!) but once I put him up on the exam table he relaxed. He tried to help the vet tech type his info into the computer, and he was wonderful about tolerating the exam. He even ate the cookies Doc gave him. So, Kodiak's about 7 months old and he weighed in at 29 pounds. Doc said he'll be anywhere between 30 and 110 pounds. But he's guessing closer to 50. We'll see how much he grows over the next month.

In other news, Kodiak has finally figured out how to get on the couch and he's taking full advantage of that. He still has to get a running start, but he's slowly gaining the skill to jump up from a stand. He's a nice middle ground between Duncan and Reyna - he doesn't need to be in my lap like Duncan, but he also doesn't get up and leave when I pet him like Reyna. The downside of his new-found ability - he has to learn to leave everything on the end table and counter alone. He'll get there.


Anna the GSD said...

Yay! Good visits to Dr. Vet are always a plus!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Doc would be a good parent for thought of that? Glad Kodiak is doing so well....maybe it won't be too long before you find him a good home.....or are you planning on keeping him?!?!?!?
:)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Kodiak...he's come a long, long way thanks to you, Reyna and Duncan. I have one question...can he get any cuter? Time will tell :-) Mary B.