Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Ol' Mishmash

First, THANK YOU, JOHN! After much pulsing, grinding and thwaping (the truck, not me), John came over Sunday and replaced the brake pads and rotors. Once the grinding started, John told me to just keep driving the truck until he had time to work on it. But, as he said, he forgot what an over-achiever I am. One of the brake pads still had a little bit of pad left, but on the other three I'd gone through the pad, past the rivets, and down to the backing plate. At least no one can say we got rid of perfectly good brakes...

Second, Reyna had her Hospitality Pet training session at WakeMed today. Reyna is officially a therapy dog, complete with her own photo ID. We've been assigned to the cardiac floor and the pediatric floor, and we'll be going once a week for two hours (currently Thursday mornings). One thing I noticed today is that the sicker the patient appears to be, the more worried Reyna is. I'm sure she'll start to relax as she becomes accustomed to her new job.

Third, since Reyna had to have a bath in preparation for her hospital visit, everyone else got baths, too. Reyna was not enthused, but she was a good girl.

Duncan was even less enthused, but hey, its Duncan.

(My camera started fogging up here....) Kodiak either enjoyed the bath or was just too petrified to move. Either way, he was the easiest of the three.

They were all much happier once they were outside in the sunshine.

Reyna and Duncan took hours to dry. Those darn undercoats may protect them from the elements, but they also hold the water like you wouldn't believe.

For a little bit, Kodiak reminded me of those dogs that look like they have dreadlocks. He was dry in less than an hour - no undercoat at all on that pup.

Fourth, some cuteness. A few days ago, Duncan inserted himself on the couch between me and Kodiak. Kodiak wasn't too sure how to handle that. He tried resting his head on Duncan, but that didn't work.

He kept popping up and shifting around to try new positions.

Kodiak was also worried about Reyna, because I was fussing at her about chewing on her tail. That didn't help him settle down any, either.

He finally tried to go to sleep leaning against the back of the couch. No joy there.

After a while, Reyna got tired of the whole thing and kicked both boys off the couch so she could take a nap.

Fifth, group herding, which will be posted later...


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog...I enjoyed the update. Kodiak looks like he's grown a bit more...he's looking longer. Perhaps it's the camera angle. Congrats to Reyna earning her therapy dog rating...was there ever a doubt? See you this weekend to celebrate Reyna's birthday. Mary B.

Anna the GSD said...

Way to go Reyna!! You're going to help out so many peoples!! You should be very proud!

Ugh...baths! I'd rather just go swimming in the much more clean can you get through pure lake water?? And a little mud...for skin therapy! :)

Oskar said...

What lovely dogs you have. I hate the bath too!

I have a great blog I'd love for you to check out, It's a wonderful place for pet bloggers to find each other.

Nubbin wiggles,

John Van said...

Big capital letters.
I'm so embarrassed...

Anonymous said...

Again.......A GREAT BIG THANKS TO JOHN!!!!!! All the pups look wet and wild and then sweet and cuddly!!!!
:)Love, Mom