Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pick A Card, Any Card

Reyna has been working on learning tricks for the last few weeks, and I'm planning to have her try for her Intermediate Trick Dog title sometime next month. She's been working on things like "paws up" and "say your prayers," along with "where's the cookie" and the "shell game."

A couple of cute pictures from training, working on getting both paws on the board...

And here's an example of the fun we have playing "pick a card." Or not. Really depends on the mood she's in. Let me tell you, she can get really silly with this stuff.


Anonymous said...'s nice to see Reyna so happy. And Duncan gets kudos for trying to pick up her slack...tee, hee. Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Cute.......all 4 of you!!!!!
I'd say Reyna is very picky about the cards she picks!!!
:)Love, Mom