Monday, November 01, 2010

No Place Like Home

Tuesday, the pups and I headed west to visit the family for several days. We stayed at the cabin at Dad’s, which was great, because it meant we had privacy and a place for the pups to run. It rained all day Wednesday, so we just hunkered down for the day. I read, the pups slept, and during dry spells we’d go outside for a quick walk. We visited Mom and Ronnie on Thursday, and Ganna on Friday. Saturday, Josh, his family and Ganna came out to Dad’s for lunch. The kids are cute, but wow, they’re loud and energetic. We were all exhausted by the time they headed home. The pups and I were very happy to come home Sunday. It’s a toss-up as to who was happier, me or Reyna. The poor girl stopped at the truck every time we walked past it, clearly asking if we could go home.

We did have a bit of excitement Saturday night. The pups and I were walking back up to the cabin when Reyna cornered a possum. It was hissing at her, and as I was grabbing her collar to pull her away, Duncan swooped around from behind, snatched up the possum, shook it twice and then tossed it off to the side. He then looked at me and gave me a big doggy grin. Naturally, I told him he was a very good boy. I checked the possum, and I’m pretty sure Duncan didn’t actually kill it (although I didn’t actually check for a pulse). There was no blood and no obvious puncture wounds, just a lot of slobber. Its possible Duncan snapped its neck or back, but his death shake has always been more disorienting than fatal… Sunday morning, there was no sign of the possum, so it either got up and ran away when the coast was clear, or a coyote ate it without leaving a trace. My guess is that it “played possum” until we left, then ran home, thanking the possum gods that it got away with minimal damage.


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your really was nice to get to see you again....been a long time!!! I love you!!
Yea....Duncan ....the great protector!!!!

Love you all :)Mom

Anonymous said...

Duncan and Reyna are quite the team...that's what wolves do to catch their meals. Attaboy Duncan! Mary B.

John Van said...

You're gonna get a letter from the SPCP.