Thursday, October 21, 2010

Injured List

Reyna’s still on antibiotics (17 days to go!), and we’ve figured out a way to keep the tummy troubles to a minimum. She gets yogurt an hour before and two hours after her meal and meds. If we vary from that too much, it shows. She’s also gotten to where she can walk with me again, as long as its no more than 2 miles round trip, its been at least 8 hours since her meds, and its not too hot. Sigh.

Duncan’s finally off the injured list. Since Reyna’s not able to walk with me as much, Duncan was volunteered to fill in. He walked 4 miles Saturday and another 4 Sunday, which was a bit too much for him. His knee started bothering him Sunday evening, and then his annual exam at the vet Monday morning didn’t help. He had several days off, though, and was able to do an easy 2 miles with me this morning.

Gus is to blame for Duncan’s excessive walking over the weekend. Gus is a GSD we’ve been fostering, and he’s a bit under a year old. He’d gone to a potential home, but was returned this past Saturday. Based on what the person described, I think we know why Gus was found as a stray… At any rate, I decided the easiest way to burn some of his puppy energy was a nice long walk. He has awful leash manners, though, so I needed one of the dogs to go with us. Reyna wasn’t really an option, so that stuck Duncan with the task. Duncan did a wonderful job of correcting several of Gus’ bad behaviors, and by the end of the 4 miles each day, Gus was walking very nicely. We’ve not been able to walk since Sunday, though, because Gus decided to launch himself off my porch rather than walk down the steps, and in doing so he injured his front leg. He seems to be moving more easily today, so I’m hoping he’ll be ready to go walking by the weekend.

I’m not actually on the injured list these days. I’m on the ho-hum list, instead. I’ll admit I’ve been feeling a bit blue lately. This week is 1 year since my last day at work (I’m not counting the kennel as work, since its part time, doesn’t pay the bills, etc). I can’t believe I’m still unemployed after a year. I’ve even had some people tell me they just assumed I wasn’t bothering to look, since I was getting paid by the government – because I enjoy living off of unemployment and worrying about when I’ll lose the house?? Sigh, again.


Anonymous said...

Wow lots going on. Can't wait to meet Gus (the Bruno look alike). Glad Duncan was able to correct the little dude. Yes it's a year and I know you are bummed about the lack of employment. I never thought it would go this long for you either. Hugs to Reyna, Duncan, Gus, cats and you. Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Glad you've found a schedule for Reyna's meds. Glad Duncan's doing better and can fill in as a big brother for Gus (poor Duncan). And glad you are doing ok...even if it is ho-hum. Looking forward to seeing you next week!!!! Hugs and kisses to all!!!!
:)Love, Mom

Steve and Laura said...

A foster? This is news. Any photos? We're not sure we are ready for another pup but folks do keep asking. Steve is looking at some local shelters. Hugs to Duncan and Reyna.