Monday, November 08, 2010

Puppy Crack

On our way to Duncan's club meeting Wednesday evening, we stopped at Gourmutt's Bakery to stock up on supplies. As usual, Duncan was asked if he'd like a cookie. Normally, Duncan will very politely take the cookie from the employee and place it on the floor. He never actually eats the cookie there, but will usually eat it once we get home. Well, Wednesday night was a different story. Tina, the owner, offered him a piece of puppy crack, rather than the usual cookie. Duncan sucked up that puppy crack like it was, well, crack for puppies. It was amazing. Naturally, I bought a container of it. I've been using it during training for the upcoming Rally trial - if he knows I have puppy crack in my pocket, he'll do just about anything I ask. I'm hoping that'll help him focus on me long enough to complete the Rally course.

Bellyrubs Freeze-Dried Chicken Livers, aka Puppy Crack


Steve and Laura said...

good luck at the upcoming Rally - take lots of photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Puppy Crack!!!!!!What will they think of next?!?!?!
Good luck at the rally!!!!!
:)Love, Mom