Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fun With Food

The pups have been trying out some different food options over the last couple of weeks. This all came about due to the need for Duncan to lose a couple of pounds and my concern that Reyna was just a bit too thin (and constantly hungry). We started with adding green beans to dinner, which has been pretty successful. To keep things interesting, we’ve been trying some other veggies. Both pups seem to like the peas and carrots combo, but they really liked a vegetable stir-fry I found that has asparagus, snow peas, red bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, and zucchini. I found out they love hard boiled eggs, and I’m still debating giving them eggs on a regular basis. Some folks say an egg a day is good for a dog. On the fruit side, the pups’ taste differs just a bit. They both love bananas (although they’re a little confused if they’re presented with half a banana – they prefer smaller pieces). They both like blue berries, but Duncan doesn’t like more than a few at a time. Reyna likes strawberries and blackberries, Duncan not so much. Duncan really like raspberries, though. You know, I tend to think Reyna will eat almost anything, as long as its in her dinner bowl. And speaking of Reyna’s dinner bowl, she has a shiny new one.

Reyna has always been a fast eater, but her speed has increased lately. Unfortunately, German shepherds are at a high risk for bloat (the stomach swells and can twist; this can kill a dog in an hour or so), particularly if they happen to be fast eaters. The other day, Reyna ate her dinner so fast she made herself sick. About 20 minutes later, her new bloat bowl was on order. It arrived yesterday and has already proved extremely effective. For the first time ever, Duncan is actually finishing his meal before Reyna. Not much before, but considering how much faster Reyna normally finishes…. She’s finding the bowl a bit aggravating, I can tell. She’s gotten pretty good at pushing it into a corner to brace it, but I saw her using her feet on it this morning. Its supposed to be unflippable, but we are talking about a pretty smart and motivated girl.


John Van said...

Hey that's like the bowl Michele got me for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Only John!!!!!

Sounds like the pups are branching out in their food tastes.....good for them!!! :)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea...I may have to get a bowl like that for Bruno. Good thinking. Mary B.