Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Duncan!

On Sunday, my Little Man turned 4 years old. Mary came over Saturday to celebrate with us. Duncan was very patient about having his picture taken with his birthday cake, and even gave me a kiss (I’ll assume that was a “Thanks for the cake, Mom!” kiss.

But then I realized I’d forgotten to put the birthday hat on him. The strap kept popping off, though, so I finally gave up on it.

Mary brought Duncan a bag full of goodies. The squeaky squirrel was nice, but Duncan knew there was something in the bag that smelled yummy.

And he was right!

As always, Gourmutt’s Bakery did a wonderful job with the cake. Duncan loved it, except when he had trouble getting it off the plate and onto the carpet.

Reyna had to stay in her crate for the first part of the party, but she did get to come out for cake.

Reyna even let Duncan lick up the extra icing in peace.

Happy birthday, Little Man, and may we have many more years together!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DUNCAN!!!!!!!:)Love, Grandma