Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Poor Girl

Reyna’s having a rough time these days. I wish I could say I don’t know why, but only because denial is occasionally less stressful. It looks like the grace period we had from late December through last month is ending. For the last few days, she’s had more difficulty in getting up and down, and she’s started falling several times a day. I just got off the phone with the vet school, and her surgery is now on the calendar for April 30, with a tentative pre-op appointment March 30. The pre-op is tentative only because her surgeon will be out of town most of March, so she’d be seeing a different orthopedic vet. The school is going to confirm with the surgeon that he doesn’t have a problem with that and call me back this afternoon. During the pre-op, they’ll take x-rays of her hips and determine if she can have the cementless hip or if she needs the cemented hip (not our preferred choice because of increased potential for complications). Reyna will also have her cardiology consult that day. Wow. Just having it on the schedule has increased my stress I have an actual date for when I’ll be handing over lots and lots of money. But, its good that its on the calendar. Now I can solidify plans with my boss and make sure work doesn’t book any trips for me.

In other news, Reyna and Duncan are at day camp again today. We have GSD club tonight, and its picture night, so Reyna gets to go with us. I’m hoping the day of camp will ease her insanity level down a notch. Paws crossed...

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely PAWS CROSSED for Reyna.....:):):) Mom