Monday, February 09, 2009

Handicapped Accessible

John came over Saturday afternoon to build Reyna’s new ramp. He got to the house at 3:00, made a quick run to Lowe’s and Papa John's about 8:00, and we were finished a little after 11:00. This came just in time, too. Reyna's had a rough few days and has been limping quite a bit. John mentioned a couple of times that she was worse than he'd ever seen her.

Here’s a “before” photo of the deck.

After considering what would need to be done to the support boards if we wanted to keep the steps, we decided to just get rid of the steps completely.

John dug a hole for the end of the support boards. Duncan wasn't sure if he was supposed to help or not, so he decided to guard the pile of dirt.

"Mom! He's touching me!" John decided to have a bit of fun with Duncan and a tape measure, but Duncan didn't find it quite as funny as John did....

Reyna and Duncan, both watching John work.

Reyna was very pensive the entire afternoon and evening. I think she was concerned about how she was going to get back in the house.

Every now and then, Reyna would go over to doorway and act like she was going to try and jump up onto the deck. She acted upset that I wouldn't let her try it, but I don't think she really believed she'd make it all the way up.

John used cement to brace the supports and the bottom rail post. I’m pretty sure the ramp isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Almost done! I'd told John we had to have a hand rail (mostly for my benefit) and pickets to keep Reyna from taking the shortcut and trying to jump on and off the ramp halfway up instead of walking all the way to the end.

And here it is, the finished ramp! The ramp is 8’ long, so the slope is fairly shallow. All that’s left to do is paint the railing white to match the deck and stain/waterproof the ramp.

Thank you, John, for spending your Saturday afternoon and evening doing this! I'm so grateful, and I know that somewhere in her doggy brain, Reyna is, too.


Nana Net said...

WOW! Way to go on the ramp. And John did a wonderful job of building it!
I am so glad that you are always thinking about Reyna and your fur babies and their needs. Not many people do that. Which is a shame.
My German Shepherd Sadie, too has started to limp some. The vet says when the weather changes it appears that it does affect her hip. Plus her age too plays a factor in it. But he gave us some anti-inflammatory meds for it.
Oh yeah, best of luck with her upcoming surgery. And the pictures are great. Also, you fur babies are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That is a nice ramp.....Kudos to John for the construction and Kudos to you, Janine, for thinking of a ramp for Reyna!!!!!Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Another "WOW John!" from me. Are you planning to put some type of anti-slip runner on the ramp? Bruno always helps me when I'm digging big holes in the backyard. No I'm not a big hole digging nut - I dig big holes in the backyard for planting purposes only - tee, hee. Then Bruno likes to take the empty plastic pots and run around the back yard with them over his head - darn why do I never have my camera when I need it. Oh well, they would probably be blurry :-)

Marie said...

The ramp looks fantastic. Does John redo decks? ;-)