Monday, February 16, 2009

Kitty Love

With a clowder of six indoor cats, the relationship dynamics can be pretty interesting. It seems that there are occasional changes, but a lot of their preferences stay remarkably constant. For example, Belle hates everyone else. That really never changes, although she will occasionally share the bed with them instead of doing her normal growl-and-run. Mikey likes to make Belle crazy (usually by sitting on her head), and Loki just loves to make Belle so mad that she, well, growls and runs. But that’s been a constant since the boys joined our family years ago. Something that has changed, though, is who Mikey prefers as a cuddle buddy. When I first got Mikey, he would often sleep snuggled against Loki. Loki seemed to only tolerate this, not really enjoy it. Now, though, Mikey sleeps next to Per’la. I’ll often walk into the bedroom and see them curled together, sometimes facing each other, sometimes spooning, sometimes nose to butt, but always some part is touching. When I pet one, they both purr. They are the only two who consistently sleep together; the others more often prefer their own space.

Interestingly enough, the kittens' personalities have developed over time to match up with the adults. Per'la is most like Mikey, Parm is like Loki, and Khar'pern is an orange and white version of Belle (except she doesn't growl and run. Yet.).


Sam K said...

I still really like that picture I took of Loki and Mikey curled sleeping under your desk lamp and looking at the camera as if they'd been caught having an affair (ignoring the fact that they're both boys).

John Van said...


Thought that was when you put a buncha clams together in a pot...

Anonymous said...

Is that the same desk lamp that burned the whiskers off Belle?
I think a clowder is a pot full of cats.....not clams.....:)Mom