Monday, December 22, 2008

Vacation – Day Three

Today was actually somewhat productive. I managed to wrap presents and get a few chores done. I also acquired a lovely bruise by thunking my forehead on a wall (don’t ask). Reyna’s had a particularly bad day, which isn’t surprising, considering the temperatures. Other than potty breaks, all Reyna wanted to do outside was bury herself in a pile of leaves. And who could blame her? It was nasty cold out today, and the wind just made it worse. Every time we went outside, I had to rebreak the ice in the pups’ pool. We’ve spent the evening curled up in our respective cushy spots, napping, watching TV, and staying as warm as possible. As much as I’d love some snow, I can’t say I’m disappointed that we’re supposed to be back near 70 by the weekend.

Tomorrow is work-from-home day. Woo-hoo. I have a conference call at 11 and will hopefully finish up all the major stuff shortly after that. And then I can get back to enjoying my holiday break.

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Marie said...

Heck, yesterday I wanted to bury myself in some leaves. It is COLD!