Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vacation – Day Four

Today was another cold one. Thankfully, there was no wind. I had to break the ice in the dogs’ pool again every time we went out, except for once in the late afternoon. This morning, the ice was really thick. Duncan ever-so-nicely put his nose in this picture for a frame of reference. The big chunk of ice was a piece I pulled away from the rest so that the dogs could actually drink some water.

Most of the day was spent handling work tasks. I found out that several of my engineers worked until 10:30pm Friday and another 14 hours on Saturday, trying to fix various bugs that would have a nasty impact on my project. They were back in the office yesterday and today, even though they were all supposed to have both days off. They’re such good engineers.

The rest of the day I spent reading and getting packed for the next two days. Tomorrow morning, the pups and I head west. First stop is lunch at Mom’s. After that, we head to Dad’s for dinner. We’ll be spending the night at Dad’s this year, in a cabin he has in the old horse pasture. This will be a first for me, since I usually stay at Mom’s. Another first is that Ganna will not be at Dad’s for the first time I can remember. She’s in Colorado this Christmas, visiting my aunt and cousin. I’m sure she’s having a blast, but it will be odd not seeing her.


Anonymous said...

Been reading about your vacation days...such is life with ice in the pool. Maybe it'll warm up some this weekend. Absolutely looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.... Love you, Mom

Marie said...

Have safe travels!! Talk to you when you get back.