Thursday, November 20, 2008

It Freaking Pours

Duncan found a sure-fire way to give me a heart attack tonight. Reyna was running after her ball, and as she was turning to grab it, Duncan plowed into her. She hit the ground with her back legs splayed, spun a 360 on the grass, and slid about 4 feet. It was frighteningly similar to several nightmares I've had. Reyna got up and was able to move around, thank goodness. Duncan knew he was in trouble, though. I think it was a combination of my panicked gasp, Reyna's yelp, and the fact that she almost immediately went for his throat. Reyna seems to be moving around okay, but I'm afraid she'll have trouble after she lays down and gets stiff. To try and head that off, I gave her a higher dose of pain meds with dinner. Paws crossed she won't be limping in the morning.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think Duncan should get a ticket for rear-ending Reyna....can ya do that? I guess when Reyna went for the throat she was telling Duncan..."Boy, when I tell you to stop, you stop!!"