Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long Weekend

Three whole days off...I can't wait! And for once, I only have one thing scheduled for the weekend. Duncan has freestyle practice Saturday evening for the Mutt Strutt coming up on the 6th. Other than that, the three days are fair game. I'm going to get a few chores done, try to finish my Hawaii scrapbook, and maybe take the dogs swimming once or twice. Duncan's life jacket is here, so we'll test that out (if I can get him in the water, that is). If he won't get in with a bit of encouragement, I may break out the canoe (the pond owner doesn't allow people to swim). I doubt he'll stay on the bank if both Reyna and I are in the water. And if I get all wild and crazy, I might actually veg on the couch or take a nap!

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