Sunday, April 29, 2012

VALOR Nationals - Day 3

Today was the last day of VALOR Nationals. It was significantly warmer than yesterday which made running the courses a bit more difficult. Duncan started out energetic, but the heat wiped him out pretty quickly. He ran a clean Intermediate Jumpers course first (I figured we'd get the harder course out of the way) and then a clean Beginner Jumpers course. Other than occasionally thinking maybe he'd like to go around the obstacle rather than through/over it, Duncan did a great job. I really love that VALOR doesn't have a time limit - that means we can run the course at the speed that works for us, as well as take our time lining up for the jumps. VALOR also doesn't disqualify a dog for passing/refusing an obstacle. All you have to do is turn the dog around and try it again.

Here's my pooped pup with all his loot from this weekend. He was happily snoozing away just a few minutes after I took this picture.

Duncan and I had a great weekend. He showed that he enjoys doing agility, which makes me happy. But the absolute best part of this weekend is that we made it through without any seizures. We're 12 days seizure-free and counting!


Rama's Mama said...

Wonderful! SO awesome that he is 12 days seizure-free, too!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll had a really great weekend all around!!!!! Congrats!!!! Way to go Duncan and Janine!!!
:)Love, Mom