Saturday, April 28, 2012

VALOR Nationals - Day 2

My boy is awesome! Duncan had a wonderful day at VALOR Nationals today. We started with the Beginner Jumpers Round 2 course. Not only did Duncan have a clean run, but he did it on the first try! I love watching this video and seeing his energy and enjoyment of what we're doing.

Qualifying with this run gave Duncan his Beginner Jumpers title, which means he can continue at the Beginners level to work on his Cum Laude title, as well as move to the Intermediate Jumpers level. For kicks and giggles, we gave the Intermediate course a try. We decided the best plan was to take our time, line Duncan up for each jump, and give him plenty of room to build his momentum. Duncan did a beautiful job, earning his first Intermediate leg on his first attempt.

We have the chance to get another Intermediate leg and a Beginner Cum Laude leg tomorrow. Its supposed to be a lot warmer, so we'll just see how things go. The photographer working today got some great action shots and will hopefully get more tomorrow. I can't wait til I get the disk!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful job......done by both of you!!!!!! I think Duncan was pleased with himself but you were the one who was MOST pleased!!!
Congrats to both of you!!!!!
:)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Loved the videos!!!!!!!
:)Love, Mom

Superior Dog Training said...

Wow, what a great job. You both did a wonderful!!! So proud of you guys!!!