Sunday, January 01, 2012

So Pleased With Me

Several years ago, I bought Christmas stockings for everyone and had their names embroidered on the cuffs (burgundy for the girls, deep green for the boys). It wasn't an issue last year, since Kodiak was just a foster pup who'd be heading to his new home the following month. Or so I thought.

This Christmas, I realized I was one stocking short. I checked with the place that did the original stockings, but they weren't selling them anymore. Obviously, Kodiak couldn't have a stocking that looked completely different from everyone else's. I thought about buying some generic stockings at Wal-Mart and writing their names on the cuffs with glitter, but I generally suck at that sort of thing. I pondered the problem for a while, and then one day I was working on an afghan and it occurred to me - there MUST be crochet patterns for Christmas stockings out there somewhere! I hunted around, found a book with designs I liked and a couple of patterns on the internet, smushed them together into something more personal, and voila! We have Christmas stockings!

I started this one yesterday afternoon and finished it up a little bit ago (didn't get much else done yesterday). I'm really pleased with how it turned out, especially since the only things I've crocheted so far have been afghans. Everyone will get a different color and a slightly different look to the cuff. Belle's stocking is Victorian Rose, Reyna's will be Wine Country (a nice deep red), Khar'pern is getting Persimmon, and Per'la's will be Sunshine. For Loki, Mikey, Parm, Duncan and Kodiak, I have Light Country Blue, Sage, Ocean, Forest Floor, Orchid and Grey Heather (yes, I realize I have one color more than I do boys). I just haven't settled on who gets which color...


Anonymous said...

I just love the stocking for Belle and the color is so her!!! Can't wait to see all of them. I think the colors you've chosen are great!!! Let me think awhile and I'll get back to you with color suggestions for the boys. But, whichever you choose will be great....already thinking Grey Heather for Loki. And maybe Forest Floor for Mikey...thinking of him on the prowl in the forest. Later. :)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Great job!!! Mary B.