Friday, July 08, 2011

Puppy Confidence Class

I got an email late last night with pictures that Adele's mom took at graduation. I'd forgotten all about them, which is odd considering I'm the person usually nagging everyone to send me their photos...

This is Adele with Kodiak.

Ollie and Hoobie (the beagle). Kodiak and Ollie were the shy pups in class. The other three had plenty of confidence.

A cute shot of Kodiak.

Holly and Adele (front), Ollie and Kodiak (back).

Holly, Ollie and Adele. Holly is a German Shepherd/Malamute cross, and she's absolutely gorgeous. She's assertive with the other dogs, but she learned to not mess with Kodiak. Its so cute - she outweighs him by 20 pounds or more, but she's submissive to him.

Adele and Kodiak.

Holly, Hoobie and Ollie in the front, Kodiak's pants and tail in the back.

Adele and Hoobie. Hoobie is so submissive, but he was determined to hold on to the toy.

Kodiak on the puppy walk.

Kodiak jumping the tire.

This is the closest we got the mortarboard to Kodiak's head. Even with the cookie, he wasn't going to wear the thing.

Kodiak's such a good boy!

This is a great shot of Holly. Like I said, she's a gorgeous girl.

I think we'll be in the CGC class with Ollie. It'll be nice to see a familiar face. And who knows, I might eventually learn her mom's name...

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Anonymous said...

Great pics!!!!!!!!!!!Beautiful pups!!!!!!!!
:)Love, Mom