Monday, August 23, 2010


Saturday evening, I took Reyna for her first herding lesson since Spring 2008. I decided to try her on tending, rather than arena style herding, since I figured she’d still be pretty interested in eating the sheep. I wasn’t too sure how things would go, but I was very happily surprised. Reyna picked up the boundary concept very quickly and didn’t fight too hard to get in the graze with the sheep. She was also quick to realize that she needed to prevent the sheep from leaving the graze. Claire and I were both extremely impressed with how well she did. Who knows, I may have another herding dog on my hands.

Just because Reyna got the boundary concept didn't mean she wasn't going to test it occasionally...

We definitely didn't have the problem of Reyna watching me more than she does the sheep. She was very focused on the sheep.

Reyna and Emily (who really didn't care about the dog) had a stare down.

Since the sheep weren't moving, Reyna decided she could take a quick break, too.

Reyna working the edge of the boundary.

And staying outside the boundary on the corner, just like she's supposed to do.

Reyna took water breaks every so often.

But even during her water break, she still kept an eye out for the sheep.

We also had the fun of a loose rabbit in the field next to the graze. The silly thing came up to the fence at one point, which really distracted Reyna from her sheep. She actually started stalking it, until the rabbit apparently realized that it was not in the safest possible location. Once the rabbit was out of sight again, Reyna went right back to her sheep.


Anonymous said...

Yea.....Reyna!!!!!! Way to go!!!

:)Love, Mom

John Van said...

Why is Emily wearing a rug?

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to see how good Reyna looks. Hard to believe this is the same dog that had hip replacement just over a year ago. Mary B.