Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Water Games

Duncan and I were supposed to meet a friend at the lake for a swimming session Monday evening, but she canceled on me. Instead, Duncan and I took Reyna with us. I was a little concerned, because I generally don’t trust her off leash in a potentially public place, but no one else was around so it worked out just fine. Reyna had a lovely time swimming around our little cove. It was interesting to see how upset she got when I swam away from the bank. She would become visibly agitated until either she was beside me or I swam back to the bank.

Duncan, on the other paw, apparently forgot everything he learned Saturday. I had to coax him into deeper water and then hold him up while he flailed around for several minutes. All his splashing accomplished was getting water in his face, which made him even more upset. When he suddenly realized (remembered?) he wasn’t going to drown, he settled down and swam very nicely. The three of us swam back and forth across the cove a couple of times, and I had to laugh when Duncan tried to cheat by running along the bank instead. Thankfully, the terrain at that particular spot wasn’t very conducive to walking, so he gave up and got back in the water.

Duncan isn't actually swimming here, but I really like this picture...


Steve and Laura said...

so glad to see photos of your swimming pals - looks like fun! Sorry to hear Duncan is still having issues. Is it contagious? Mushka is having issues now. I posted a new blog video - we are worried :(

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun was had by should let one of the pups take your pic!!!
:)Love, Mom