Monday, February 22, 2010

Sick Puppy

Reyna’s still not feeling well today. She’s doing better than yesterday – no sudden trips outside – but her tummy still isn’t right. I made her stay home from physical therapy and she had to suffer through two more meals of boiled rice with rabbit broth. I’ve decreased her meds hoping to make things a bit easier on her stomach. The downside of that is an increased pain level. Late tonight will be 48 hours since this started, so if she doesn’t seem a good bit better by late tomorrow morning, I’ll probably give our regular vet a call and see what they suggest. She’s drinking a lot of water, so at least I know she’s not dehydrated.

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Anonymous said...

I sure do hope Reyna feels better soon. Course a trip to the vet might be a good idea....unless he tells you to do just what you are doing. Take care. :)Love, Mom