Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Gotta Start Locking That Door

Duncan and I picked Reyna up from physical therapy at 4:30 and were back home by 5:00. We followed our usual routine, which included going outside to play for a little while, then coming back inside so Reyna could bark and spin and I could finish up a few little things. At 5:30, I walked into the living room from the hallway. Reyna was still spinning and Duncan was laying on his bed. And then something I never expected happened – I heard the dog door flap. That struck me as odd, since neither dog was near the dog door. When I looked towards the door, I realized a cat had come into the living room. My first thought was that one of the local semi-strays had decided to move in. Then I realized it wasn’t a stray, it was Mikey. Mikey! He’d apparently gone out while the dogs and I were gone and he’d decided it was time to come back inside. I think Reyna was just as startled as I was, which gave me time to grab her so she didn’t run after Mikey and possibly scare him back outside. He calmly (although with his tail puffed up a bit) trotted past the three of us, hopped over the baby gate, and went into the bedroom. I’m still shocked by all of this. I have no idea where he was while the dogs and I were outside playing – the dogs obviously didn’t realize he was out there, and I certainly never saw him. I’m thrilled that he decided to come back inside, since he could just as easily hopped the fence and disappeared. I think I’m going to have to start locking the dog door when the dogs and I are away.

Oh, and I did a head count after that – everyone is where they’re supposed to be. Now.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mikey is a secret need to assure him that his cover isn't blown!!!! You've got to remember that when you and the dogs are away....the cats will least Mikey his secret a spy. :)Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

oops! Actually I laughed quit hard as I was reading and envisioning Mikey's mischief. Of course that was only after I realized he was okay or the title would have been different. He's a little imp...oh I mean bengal.. :-) Mary B.