Wednesday, December 09, 2009

How Did…?

I found something interesting in the truck today – clumps of mud. On the ceiling. Not smears. Clumps. Not sure how Duncan managed that, but the boy definitely has skills.


John Van said...

I know how that happened, and it's not Duncans fault. Little miss Nascar was spinning all four wheels in the mud whilest sliding around. The chunks of mud get pitched up into the air by the tires and some land on the roof.

German Shepherd Mom said...

No, no...the clumps are on the ceiling, not the roof. They're *inside* the truck.

John Van said...


Anonymous said...

That's one for Rippley's!!!!Duncan does have skills....and Janine....LITTLE MISS NASCAR...who woulda thunk:):):):)
Love, Mom