Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Family Traits

I was out taking pictures of the pups recently (I know, we’re all surprised), and Reyna was being very gracious about posing for me.

Something I’ve noticed lately is how gray her muzzle has become in the last few months. My baby girl is 3 months shy of 6 years old, which is roughly equivalent to being in her very early 40s. So, I’ve decided that the gray isn’t due to old age. Its because she takes after her grandmother’s side of the family. After all, the Davis’ do tend to go gray early. Great-Uncle Laurence and Mom are good examples. And even me – I have a fair amount of gray hair, too (although, not so much around my muzzle).

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do try to keep my muzzle dyed, shaved, or tweezed. I don't like that much gray around the muzzle. :):):)Love, Mom