Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I am pleased (excited, thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyed) to announce that the surgeon has given Reyna a clean bill of health and said that she is free to go forth and be a dog! No more confinement, no more restrictions other than basic common sense (no seven mile treks through Umstead Park until we’re actually in shape). Reyna is allowed to run, jump and play to her heart’s content. I’m sure that will result in some soreness while she gets used to doing those things again, but we can deal with that. The surgeon said that the implant looks perfect, with no shifting or slipping, and that the fissure that occurred during the surgery has closed nicely. Interestingly enough, the surgeon also said that they can tell she’s really using her new hip – they did a muscle atrophy check, and there is now more atrophy in her left (non-surgical) hip than in her right. I’m glad to know the new hip is doing its job.

As a counterpoint to the trazodone video, I took this little clip shortly after we got home today. Its about a minute, but Reyna is doped on the seriously good drugs that they use when they need get those unpleasant hip x-rays so she's moving a bit slower than usual.

As I’m typing this, Reyna is semi-conscious beside me. Notice the tongue...


Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!Glad that clean bill of health finally came through. Go forth and be a dog!!!Definitely glad the new hip is doing its job. As for the video and the pics....where can I get some of those drugs :):)...Reyna actually looks rather comfortable. Again...YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT news!!! Hope that tongue condition isn't permanent - tee, hee. Mary B. Freedom for sure.