Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Here We Go Again

The open sore on Reyna's belly that I've been monitoring for a few weeks had just about healed up. This weekend, though, I found that a new mass had formed near that sore. As of this morning, the mass has ruptured and is draining. Reyna goes back to the vet school Thursday for a follow-up with Internal Medicine, hip x-rays, the results of the GI panel and urine test, and possibly a consult with Nutrition. I'm not sure, but I think the IM vet may also have Derm do a consult for another smear test to see if the bacterial infection has cleared up so they can do a culture of the sores (Reyna was supposed to see Derm this week but they couldn't fit her in for another two weeks).

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Anonymous said...

Crossing everything I can (you know... eyes, toes, feet, arms, legs, and fingers, and anything else I can possibly cross) that the bacterial infection has cleared up and you get good results on Thursday from all the testing that's been done and that Reyna will soon be on the road to recovery!!!
:)Love, Mom