Monday, May 16, 2011

Not Ehrlichia

Finally got the results of Reyna's tick titer. Not only does she not have an active ehrlichia infection, her titer is actually lower than it was last year. Thankfully, this means we don't have to suffer through a month of Reyna on antibiotics (and I'm so glad I insisted on the test, rather than just starting the meds as the vet suggested). The downside of this is that we still don't know what's causing the high protein levels. Vet wants us to come back around June 6 (one month after the first test) for a follow-up UPC. If the number has increased, we're possibly looking at ultrasounds and biopsies. If its decreased, we count ourselves lucky and just keep a close eye on things.


Anonymous said...

Glad it's not an active ehrlichis infection. Fingers and paws crossed on this end of the state!!!
:)Love, Mom

Schnauzer Days said...

Paws crossed here too that the problem goes away, Dexter had some problems with high protein levels and hyperlipidemia, is that a similar thing? Take care x

Anna the GSD said...

Okay, I'm just catching up to all of this! I hope Rey feels better soon and Dr. VET can find out what's going on! How frustrating that is! Hugs!!

ForPetsSake said...

Hmmm...glad it's not ehrlichia. That can be quite unpleasant. Please keep us posted.