Thursday, January 27, 2011

What A Week

I know the week isn't over yet, but its already been a long one. I'm working 12:30-9:00ish pm at the temp job, which makes for late nights followed by early mornings because some puppy just has to go out and potty (or some cats decide to have a spat).

Speaking of some puppy, Kodiak was finally neutered Tuesday. I dropped him off at animal control that morning, and I may have hinted about how miffed I would be if I were to discover he'd been forgotten again. Thankfully, they remembered him this time. John picked him up and brought him home, since I was working. Apparently, Kodiak had an accident in his kennel at animal control and they didn't clean him up very well, so poor John was stuck with that, too. Kodiak's incision looks great and he seems to have completely forgotten that anything unusual happened Tuesday.

Last night at work I wasn't feeling too great, and I jokingly told my coworker that the place was making me sick. Turns out I was right. Woke up this morning congested, my eyes feeling blechy, coughing, and with a midget sitting on my chest mocking me every time I try to take a deep breath. Unfortunately, I can't call in sick because there's no one available to cover my shift. So I'll just spread the nasty germs right back to the people who gave them to me. Or people just like them, anyway.

The other bad thing about this sickness is that I had to cancel Reyna's first therapy dog trip. Obviously, we couldn't go visit sick people with me toting around a ton of germs. The poor girl suffered through a bath and nail trim yesterday, all for nothing. And Duncan's got his Rally trial this weekend. He's going to have trouble following instructions if I'm hacking up a lung while we're running the course. I think I'll be picking up a large bottle of vitamin C after work tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Well, figure it this are not the only one who goes out into public places while sick....and figure that store where you're at draws the worst of them!!!!!! Keep hand sanitizer close and always use their hand wipes before and after and especially on the carts!!! Hope you get to feeling better really doesn't feel good to be sick....
Glad Kodiak is doing fine and hope everyone else is too....GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!
:)Love you, Mom