Thursday, September 23, 2010

He Was A Good Bird

Niko, who joined our family in mid-November 2007 and spent countless hours playing with Reyna, passed away this afternoon. He'd been acting a bit odd the last couple of days, sitting on the bottom of the cage and looking less alert than usual. This afternoon, he was perched on his food bowl and then dropped down to the bottom of the cage. I heard him wheeze out three chirps, almost like he was deflating, and then he was gone. He's now resting peacefully in the flower bed under the tree in the back yard. I know that Reyna, in particular, will miss him. He was a good bird.


Anonymous said...

He WAS a good bird!!! Rest in peace, Niko!!!
Love, Mom

Steve and Laura said...

we're sorry for your loss :(
sweet bird

Tee said...

We're sorry for your loss! We came across your blog quite randomly! Your dogs are a beauty! We are a pack of eight ourselves ... but a mish mash of breeds.

The Dog Woods Pack