Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bootie Boy

Because Duncan is walking low on his hocks these days, he’s started getting sores on parts of his feet that aren’t supposed to be touching the ground. He’s also tearing up his pads pretty badly when we go for walks. To keep that from happening, I bought him a pair of booties to wear on his back feet.

Duncan is, as always, very tolerant of his mother’s abuses. He sits quietly when I put the booties on him and doesn’t fuss about them at all. He walks funny for the first couple of steps, but then he settles down. I discovered last week that they aren’t good for sheep herding – he loses them fairly quickly. They’re great for walks in the neighborhood, though. An unexpected benefit of the booties is that I can hear whether or not he’s picking up his back feet or just shuffling along – he tends to scuff quite a bit, hence the sores and damage to his pads. I can also tell when he’s scraping his toes, which happens mostly on his left foot and becomes more frequent the longer we walk.


Anonymous said...

Them's cute booties!!! :)Love, Mom

John Van said...

Is that a Nike "swish" I see in the picture?

Steve and Laura said...

your Duncan CONTINUES to remind us of our SamDog :) I looked for the photo we had of him in his booties but couldn't find it. Sorry to hear he is having trouble but did enjoy his bday photos. We've been impressed with VSH in Cary if the Vet school can't solve his leg issues.

Both Sam & Mushka had ACL surgery - if it is that there is a good Dr in Greensboro.