Thursday, June 18, 2009

6 Week Split

Today, Reyna is 6 weeks post-op. We’re halfway there! Well, technically, we’re a bit more than halfway, because I’m the type of person who likes to schedule well in advance. July 30 is Reyna’s official 12 weeks post-op day, when she’ll be cleared by the surgeon to go forth and live her life restriction free. I figured 6 weeks was close enough to seem reasonable for scheduling, so I called the vet school today to get Reyna on the surgeon’s calendar. He doesn’t have anything available the week of July 30. So Reyna gets to have her 12 week check on July 20, at 10.5 weeks. Because you know what? I sure wasn’t willing to wait until mid-August to have him tell me she’s fine.

Reyna’s been handling the day-long confinement very well this week. In fact, I think she’s handling that better than I’m handling being back in the office. I’ll admit that there are certain things that are easier to do in the office, but I really miss being home all day. A lot of folks thought I’d get cabin fever, but I never did. Becky (the pet sitter) has been going by the house around lunch time this week and letting Reyna out for a potty break and some exercise. I’m sure that’s been helping, but Reyna’s still nuts when I get home in the evening. I haven’t gotten home later than 6:00 yet, which isn’t exactly thrilling the boss-folks, but hey, I have a dog in a crate. I’m not willing to stay in the office until 7:00 (or later), knowing she’s sitting there cooped up, building huge amounts of energy, just waiting to explode into insanity. The confinement may actually be helping just a bit, because she’s seemed to be more energetic on our walks. That’s probably a combination of excess energy and increasing muscle and stamina. We’re still walking a mile twice a day, and I’ve figured out a couple of routes to give us the distance but vary the view (and smells). I figure we’ll stay at that distance until its just too easy for her, and then we’ll increase again. After all, I don’t want to risk pushing her too hard, too fast.

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Well done!!!! and Hip Hip Hurray!!!! :)Mom