Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

So, while I was working on the video clips for the previous blog, I stumbled across a few videos I took of Reyna on my first digital camera, back when she was just a few months old. The quality is pretty bad, although its better on my computer than it is on YouTube or Photobucket. But, you work with what you have. I’d forgotten just how freakishly cute Reyna was at 3 and a half months old. And so skinny! I didn’t know it then, of course, but these clips were definitely an indication of how Reyna would turn out.

This clip is Reyna with her woobie. Reyna’s woobie was her very favorite stuffed toy, and I think we went through four of them before I stopped buying her stuffed toys. Her woobie had squeakies in the head and all four feet, and she loved to carry it around, sit on it, and sleep on it. In the clip, I ask her a couple of times to “bring it here” which she totally ignores. Amazingly enough, she has the same response now when I tell her to bring me her soccer ball.

In this one, Belle is explaining to Reyna just how she feels. When Reyna was still pretty little, the cats had the run of the house. Reyna was blocked at the hallway, though, so that the cats would have their own space. Of course, all that has changed a bit, and now the species are separated by the door in the hallway. The cats could go through the whole house using the catwalk, but they really don’t seem inclined to do that. Belle’s feelings towards Reyna haven’t changed any since the day I recorded this.

Here we have Reyna showing off her love of digging, as well as her high intensity level. I never did figure out what she was digging for, but she was determined to got through the kitchen floor. I also have a second, much longer clip of her still digging away in the same corner. She really doesn’t dig anymore (except in water buckets), but I don’t think anyone can say that her intensity level has decreased over time.

And here is Reyna demonstrating a habit that goes on today (and that is very possibly happening right this moment). In this clip, Reyna shows that she never really had the ability to chase her tail without running into something. Unfortunately, she advanced quickly from running into plastic boxes to running into walls. Not that she seems to mind, of course. And just think – at only 14 weeks old, she was already showing signs of the insanity that has followed her ever since...

I have a few other little clips of Reyna at home, and I’m so glad I thought to take them. Even though I have loads of photos of her, these videos definitely show her puppy personality more clearly than any photo ever could.

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