Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sunset at Hale’Iwa

This is the last post on Hawaii, I promise. After this, its back to talking about the dogs and cats.

There were two things I told Matt I definitely wanted to see while I was in Hawaii. One was a sunrise, and the other was a sunset. We took care of the sunrise my second morning there, at Hanauma Bay. The sunset, though, was a bit harder to accomplish. Most evenings, we were inside at sunset. Matt kept telling me that the western side of the island isn’t safe for non-natives after dark, and where else could you see the sunset except in the west? Considering there’s a place on the North Shore called Sunset Beach, I wasn’t too sure I agreed with his logic. I’m so glad I went horseback riding - although I wish I’d gone sooner – because Alice was full of useful information. She told me that Hale’Iwa Ali’i Beach Park was a wonderful place to watch the sunset, and she was right. There’s a small parking area just off the main road, and a little spit of beach tucked off to the side of the rest of the park. That’s where I watched the sunset. Matt stayed home and watched ESPN. Or maybe CSI. Who knows? Who cares?

I took a truly ridiculous amount of pictures in the 30 minutes before, during, and right after sunset. But that’s okay, because I figure I’m not real likely to see the sunset in Hawaii again. There was only one bad thing about watching the sunset - I got eaten up by those stinking sand fleas.


Anonymous said...

OMG What a beautiful sunset....I so wanna go.

Anonymous said...

you know you could make a sunset calendar out of those pics....absolutely beautiful!!! Mom

Marie said...

Thanks for creating this highlight reel (with commentary). You certainly took a ton of beautiful pictures. It is hard to pick a favorite!